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Facebook Fan Page Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing is a GREAT strategy you can use by itself to generate a plethora of leads every single day, if you know how to do market your Facebook Fan Page correctly.  I am going to show you in this post exactly how I generate upwards of 30 leads a day using just Facebook as my marketing strategy.

Here is what you will need to have in place in order to follow this exact step by step blueprint to generating leads for FREE by using your Facebook Fan Page:

1. You should have a Facebook Fan Page created

2. You need to have a landing tab (mini website) with a call to action on your Facebook Fan Page.  Click HERE for an example and note I actually have several different landing tabs but you only need one. **For advance users you can create multiple ones and drive a Facebook Ad to your offer on one of your Facebook Fan Page landing tabs.

3. Have your Facebook Fan Page landing tab set as your default tab.  This means when someone visits your Facebook Fan Page for the very first time they will see your landing tab first with your offer.  To set your default landing tab go to your Facebook Fan Page and select edit, click on manage permissions, then you will select your default landing tab.

That's it and that's all you need to start generating leads for FREE.

This next section I am going to give you a step by step daily routine you will need to do in order generate leads & fans.  If you are NOT consistent with this method you will NOT see results.  That means follow this exactly, do more than I suggest, and be consistent on a daily basis.  **NEVER miss a day or you will just be taking 2 steps back on your efforts you have created thus far.

1. Go to your Facebook Fan Page and click on the right to switch under your Facebook Fan Page persona.

2. Click on the home at the top right.  Here you will see status updates from all the Facebook Fan Pages you have liked so far.  Note….you may not see any updates here because you have not "Liked" any Facebook Fan Pages under your actual Facebook Fan Page.  Therefore, you will need to do this first, before you can move on to step three.  The easiest way to do this is to go to my page or someone else's Facebook Fan Page and see who they "Like".  From there you just go down their list and click "Like" on some Fan Pages.

3. Now that you have Fan Page statuses on your home page, you will now find at least 5 status updates that have comments on them already.  From there you will want to 1. comment on their status 2. respond to a response that a person made to the person's status.  EX: @Mike great idea how did  you come up with that.  This will now encourage the person who wrote the status to come respond to your comment on your Facebook Fan Page and encourage the person you also asked a question to come to your page.  This will result in a "Like" and a lead, hopefully once they land on your default tab and read your offer.  Make sense?  Again consistency is the key and you will want to do this EVERYDAY and make at least 5 comments or responses to status updates.

4. The next thing you will want to do is post a status update to your own Facebook Fan Page at least 3 times a day.  By doing so, you will want to mix it up with the following:

  • Post a video to share with your fans and tell about the video in the status
  • Post an article you wrote or a blog post you wrote on your status to share with your fans
  • Post a picture and tell something about the picture to encourage your fans to check it ou
  • Ask a question using the question section in your status section

This will result in engaging your fans with you and build your reputation as someone they can trust and look to for fun, help, advice.  You must always lead with value and treat your fans with respect.  You are building a relationship and without building a relationship first you will not be able to attract prospects into your business.

Here are some additional FREE marketing strategies you can use to generate leads using your Facebook Fan Page:

1. Hold a contest and encourage your fans to participate and post daily updates

2. Spotlight a Fan of the week on your Facebook Fan Page

3. Scratch someone's back by posting their own content on your Facebook Fan Page telling your fans why you liked the particular content you are sharing. Hence, I scratch your back you scratch mine.

Building a Facebook Fan Page fan base is about building relationships, trust and providing daily value.  While marketing for FREE on Facebook may take some time, I can tell you from experience that if you are consistent and stick to it for 90 days you will see results.

This is only a portion of what I have done with my Facebook Fan Page and will share more paid strategies in a future post.

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