Facebook Custom Audiences

FB Traffic Sniper to Create Facebook Custom Audiences

Today I want to discuss with you why you should consider similar programs or the one I discuss in the video below, FB Traffic Sniper to create Facebook custom audiences when it comes to targeting your audiences with Facebook advertising.

One of the biggest questions I get asked is, “Michelle, can you help me with targeting when creating my Facebook ads?”  I have discussed another similar program in the past the works great but I feel since this new program was just released, FB Traffic Sniper, if offers more bang for your buck.

Believe it or not when you can find a good facebook custom audiences to target your ads to, you can say you hit the jackpot.  Seriously there is huge difference between a bad target audience and a good one.  So much so that if you choose the wrong target audience you will likely find you have wasted a ton of time and money.  No one wants that right?

That’s why I am here to help you today in creating Facebook Custom Audiences

So in the video below, called Using FB Traffic Sniper to Create Facebook Custom Audiences, I go into more detail as to why you move towards using custom audiences instead of the old way we are accustomed too.  Whether you decide to invest in FB Traffic Sniper or not you still need to educate yourself on the power of Facebook custom audiences as I discuss below.


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Be sure to comment, like and share if you found this video post useful.  As always have a fabulous day and good luck getting your Facebook Custom Audiences, and let me know what kind of advertising results you get if you decide to use the FB Traffic Sniper!

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