The #1 Reason Why Most People Fail With Facebook Ads

facebook adsWant to know the #1 reason why most people fail with Facebook Ads?

You know the people….

Those people who are saying, “Facebook doesn’t work!”

“I lost money on Facebook!”

“Facebook is just stealing money from me!”

“I tried it and I didn’t generate one lead or make one sale!”

“Only people with large advertising budgets make money on Facebook, and that’s not me!”

Maybe you have said a few of those things yourself at one point.

Well in today’s video I’m going to reveal to you why most people fail with Facebook Ads.

The #1 reason is TARGETING.

I get it…’s hard enough figuring out how to set up your Facebook ad with the perfect title, description, image, bidding and then to make it even harder you have to figure out who to put your ad in front of.

Targeting is the biggest hurdle and in today’s video I show you a cool trick on targeting and also how to avoid failure by picking the right people to put your Facebook Ad in front of.



You see, targeting is HUGE when it comes to having success with Facebook Ads.

Poor targeting = Poor results.

Not to mention you’ll end up paying the price in dollars to Facebook plus you will likely see your relevancy score drop and your negative feedback rise.


Next Step For Your Facebook Ads

By now you know the importance of targeting the right audience with your Facebook ads.

You also know how critical it is to to have the proper foundation and training in place before you start advertising on Facebook.

The Facebook game has changed and it’s far too easy to hemorrhage cash or even worse, get your entire Facebook ad account shut down if you make any mistakes.

This is why we created the Social Media Branding Academy.

If you’re anything like us, you want to:

  • Attract the right people to you
  • Generate a tsunami of laser targeted leads
  • Turn your leads into RED HOT buyers
  • Build an iron clad and irresistible brand online
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Prevent the Facebook slap from shutting your ad account down


In order to separate yourself from the pack, create laser targeted Facebook ads that won’t get you shut down,  and become one of the top 1% of all Facebook marketers you have to change what you’ve been doing up to this point.

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