Facebook Voice

Facebook Voice Feature

Alot of you have been asking lately what is the Facebook Voice feature as shown in this picture.  Facebook recently released a new feature called “voice”. This function allows an admin of a Facebook Fan Page engage as themselves (real name) on the page.

This really only effects those who have branded their Facebook Fan Pages as another name other than their own name. For instance I might have a page named “Pescosolido Internet Marketing” and in the past when I would comment on this page it would comment as “Pescosolido Internet Marketing” .  Now with the new Facebook Voice Feature, if I were to comment on the “Pescosolido Internet Marketing” page, I could do it as the page admin, Michelle Pescosolido.

This new Facebook Voice Feature make is easy to switch between the Facebook Fan page persona and the personal profile.

Is the Facebook Voice Feature Really A Big Deal?

Only if you are not the owner of a Facebook Fan Page and you manage the page as an admin. I have managed several pages in the past and when that particular page (not mine) posted a comment and actually tried to “like” it, the “like” appeared as the Facebook Fan Page persona.  This new Facebook Voice feature now gives me the ability to “like” the comment as myself, Michelle.

Honestly my friends, you are probably thinking we already had this feature. Yes we did it was quite similar just a bit harder to get to that’s all.  This new Facebook Voice Feature just makes switching personas much easier.  Rules still stand in order to really build a successful brand online using Facebook make sure you comment on your Facebook Fan Page using the Facebook Voice Feature, as your own Fan Page persona.



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