How to Create Facebook Slideshow Ads

Facebook slideshow

As of writing this post Facebook has come out with a new feature called Facebook Slideshow Ads. This is a great alternative to video ads for those of you that don’t want to do video for your marketing or you aren’t pleased with the viewing performance length of your videos from your audience.

I have to be honest here…..yes I hear videos are great on Facebook and they are hot, but seriously….as a marketer I find that most people we target aren’t even watching the full video, even when those videos are only 2 minutes long.  For me it’s a waste of time & not our main strategy, but I’m sure you will find this video on this page on my Facebook page.  Only because it’s purely just for brand exposure.  So this is why I am excited about Facebook Slideshow Ads.

A Facebook Slideshow will still run on autoplay like a video and you can add up to 7 images in your Facebook slideshow.  Also you can vary the length of your Facebook slideshow and you can even upload captions via a SRT file.

So check out the video below as I walk you through where and how you can create the new Facebook Slideshow Ads.

Facebook Slideshow Ads

You can read more from Facebook about Facebook Slideshow Ads <—-here.

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