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Understanding What You Want When Using Facebook PPC

When starting a Facebook PPC campaign, you should always ask yourself first what it is you are trying to achieve.  Are you looking to generate leads, build awareness, get more traffic to your website, promote a specific product, generate sales, or build up a fan base?

Facebook has a number of strategies you can use to obtain the objectives.  If you are looking to build up a fan base you should try using Facebook PPC “Page “Like” sponsored story.  I go into more detail of this in a webinar which can be found by clicking HERE. It should be noted that if using Facebook PPC “Page Like” sponsored story it really works best when you already have somewhat of a fan base.  This type of ad is targeted towards the friends of your fans who have already “liked” your page.

Another option using Facebook PPC, depending on your  objective, it to create an ad which will target the right people based on their likes & interests.  You can even create an ad that targets people that already “like” your page.  This might be a great ad for you to create if you are wanting to create an awareness of a new product or promotion your business has just recently come out with. You can also choose to target the friends of the people who already “like” your page, in which the ad will show up to all your fans friends.  The ad would appear on the right of their Facebook page with a small “blurb” that says that their friend has also liked this particular page.

Maybe you have a special offer, important news that you want to share off of your status.  Within Facebook PPC you can create what is called a “Page Post” sponsored story which will show as a news feed item to all your fans.  This approach is only available to your own status updates that you have created on your own Facebook Fan page.

Whatever you decide as your goal / objective just make sure you are utilizing the Facebook PPC options that will best suit your needs.  This can make a huge difference in your cost per click (cpc).  Always remember the higher the click through rate (ctr) the lower you will pay in cpc.  Therefore, your goal in Facebook PPC is to effectively optimize your ad for better performance.

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