In today’s video I will go over custom audiences within the Facebook Power Editor. Using custom audiences can help you further define your target market, and increase your ROI within your ad campaigns.

How to make the most of the Facebook power editor.

When using the Facebook power editor you can import custom audiences into your targeting. What this means is that if you have a list of contacts like an email list you can import your list into the Facebook power editor and if they used the same email address to subscribe to your list as they did to register for Facebook then it will allow you to target them via paid ads. This can be pretty useful because now you can market your offer to your list, and you can also market that same offer to them via Facebook ads.

For example I have an extensive A-Z course on Facebook marketing called Social Media Mastery, and a monthly coaching program called The Social Media Mastermind. I can email my list in an attempt to provide value and try to get them to purchase my courses via email marketing, and also target them via Facebook. This creates greater awareness with your audience and provides more leverage for your products. Now your prospects are seeing your product in their email, and on Facebook. So even if maybe they opened your email and were not interested initially in what you were offering maybe by seeing the same product again on Facebook they may think “Hey, is this that XYZ product that Michelle was talking about?” and if they click the ad out of curiosity then maybe they will see the value behind the product and be enticed to purchase it.

So as you can see in the example about the Facebook power editor can enable you to do some pretty incredible things. As I mentioned in the video this is a more advanced strategy that I teach to my Social Media Mastermind students. If you’re interested in learning more about my courses visit the links below.

My A-Z Facebook Course: Social Media Mastery

My Monthly Coaching Program: The Social Media Mastermind

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