Facebook Paid Status Updates Have Arrived

Yes, Facebook has unleashed the new option that allows Fan Pages to promote their updates by using the Facebook paid status updates feature. But, not everyone has the Facebook paid status updates option yet. Don’t worry if you don’t now I bet you will shortly if you have a Fan Page.

So, I am here to get you ready and prepared for when you do have the Facebook paid status updates option.

In a nutshell you can figure that probably less than 10% of your actual fans are seeing your status updates in their news feed due to EdgeRank.  Now with this new Facebook paid status updates feature you can guarantee your updates get seen by your fans by selecting the amount you wish to pay.  The lowest dollar amount you are willing to pay the smaller the reach.

This is a new feature that Facebook is currently testing out therefore not everyone has this option as of yet.

Actual image of the Facebook Paid Status Updates Example

Facebook Paid Status Updates

Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the new Facebook Paid Status Updates.  Will You Use it?




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