facebook official pages

Facebook Official Pages

If you are wanting to stay up to date with all the Facebook updates, then here is a handy post to connect you with some Facebook official pages that we like.

After you click “like” on all of the official Facebook pages, be sure to click to get notifications when there are updates to the Facebook official pages. I have attached a screen shot below so you can see an example of how to do that.

official facebook pages

  • Facebook –  “Facebook Page that celebrates how our friends inspire us, support us, and help us discover the world when we connect.”
  • Facebook for Business – “Facebook for Business provides the latest news, tips & best practices to help you meet your business goals.”
  • Facebook & Privacy – “Like this Page to learn how to exercise your choice to share what you want with those you want, keep up with changes, and talk with others about the importance of privacy in our digital age.”
  • Facebook Media – “Explore how public figures and media organizations are using Facebook in extraordinary ways. Visit media.fb.com to learn more.”
  • Facebook Design – “Get to know the designers, content strategists and researchers who shape your experience on Facebook.”
  • Facebook Live – “Facebook Live connects you with some of the top public figures and information about what they’re working on – on and off Facebook.”
  • Facebook Developers – “Build, grow, and monetize your app with Facebook.”
  • Facebook Engineering – “We build Facebook.”

Facebook Official Pages:

Stay tuned to more of my blog posts as I will be giving you more information on how you too can stay connected and up to date with all the latest Facebook changes.

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