Tips for Using Facebook Offers for Businesses

Back in the early part of 2012, Facebook rolled out Facebook offers for businesses for a select number of businesses who own a Facebook Fan Page.  As of this post it now appears the beta testing was successful and businesses now have the option as business Facebook Fan Page owners to create these stellar offers.

In this post I want to give you some creative ideas on how you might want to use Facebook offers for businesses on your own Facebook Fan Page.

Creative Ideas on How to Use Facebook Offers for Businesses

These tips below are suggestions not only to create buzz around your page but to also boost the engagement on your Facebook Fan Page.

1. Limited the quantity – No one wants to miss out on a good offer!  I would suggest that you create an offer once a week so that your followers will have something to look forward to each week on your Facebook Fan Page.  You could call it  “Ultimate Offer Mondays!”

Not only will this help with your EdgeRank it will also keep people talking about your page by creating a supply and demand situation, if you limit the offer to just 5, 10, 50, 100, etc….

Think about it…..You now have loyal fans who are digging your offers stalking your page every Monday to find out what your next “Ultimate” offer is each and every Monday.

2. FREE Offers – Offer something of value for FREE to a limited number of people.  If you do this consistently on let’s say, Tuesdays, you will most likely get a surge of loyal followers who check in every Tuesday on your page for your next FREE offer.

3. Discount Codes – If you have a business in which you can serve your Facebook fans in some way that normally would cost $100, then offer for a limited time  a $10 discount off your product / service.

What a great way, again with consistency, “Discount Wednesday”, offer redemption discount codes to redeem on your product or service.  Once again…..a loyal following of fans who look forward to your “Discount Wednesday” offers.

4. Ebooks, Webinars, Reports – Want to build your list? This is a great way to offer a discounted ebook, webinar or report. You could either offer this for FREE or you could offer it at a discount.  Take your action takers who claim your offer to a page where they must opt in to get your offer.  End result would be a nice list building strategy.

Here is an example of a FREE webinar offer:

Facebook offers for businesses








Hopefully this post will give you some ideas on how to leverage the Facebook offers for businesses.  The key here is to be consistent and give your fans a reason to want to stalk your page on particular days because of your consistent efforts in posting your offers on a particular day.

What I like about this new feature is that the offer you create has a different look among the other posts in a typical news feed which will result in standing out more among the other typical posts.

In the video below I show an example on how to create Facebook Offers for businesses.

Leave your comments below on creative ways you might decide or you are using when it comes to using Facebook offers for businesses.

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