Facebook Network Marketing Tips For Any Business

There are several benefits to employing Facebook network marketing strategies. Facebook along with other social media outlets allows you to instantly communicate with a broad customer base, and interact with them to generate an interest in your products, services, and business opportunity. In this post I guide you on utilizing Facebook network marketing strategies successfully. These are tips to help you succeed in your home based business.

Facebook Network Marketing Tips

First find other Facebook pages within your niche, and leave comments on those fan pages as your fan page persona. The advantage to leaving comments on other fan pages within your niche is you are also exposing your brand on their Facebook fan page.  This gives those fans of that page and the fan page owner an opportunity to easily find you and connect with you on your own Facebook fan page. While sticking to this strategy and commenting on other Facebook fan pages several times a day will create a bigger following for you and quite possibly generate more traffic to your offers.

Facebook network marketing is all about building solid communication skills. You will find that your brand will grow quickly by engaging in conversations with other Facebook users.  People don’t just join company’s they join you and it’s your job to build a solid relationship so you too can attract prospects to you and your business.

You can also use your fan page as a platform for providing value to your fans and provide engaging content via status updates. The more value you give, the more trusting and attractive you will appear to your fans, which will ultimately result in more sales for your business.

Utilize your applications tabs by putting up a welcome video stating who you are, what your brand is based on, tell the potential fan what they will gain from being a part of your fan page community, and let them know where and how they can find out more information on what you do. Last but not least, don’t forget to ask for the “like”.

Facebook is one of the hottest strategies as of today. Implementing these Facebook network marketing tips in your business for lead generation can prove to be very profitable. Another great tip is to add your Facebook fan page URL to all your signature which could be an email signature, forum signature, etc.

Allow your fans to help each other on your Facebook fan page by encouraging them to do so.  Not only does this help build a community among your fans, it can help enhance your brand.

If you are considering using these Facebook network marketing tips, remember to build your brand around your name.  Your name will always be your name and that won’t change.  But, what might change is your path as a home based business owner.  If you choose a brand name other than your name and you build a large fan base, know that Facebook will not allow you to change your name after you accumulate a certain amount of fans.

Why does this matter?  Well if you decide to leave your network marketing company and you have built your brand around something other than your name, you will have to re brand yourself and start over. Keep the brand around your name and brand yourself as an attractive figure that someone will want to work with because of the value you bring to the industry.

If you are a blogger or a video marketer, be sure to also leverage your Facebook fan page as a medium for sharing your blog posts and videos.  This is a great way to get more traffic to your videos and to your blog / website.  Simply just post your video URL or your blog URL in your Facebook fan page status update and give your fans a short description as to why they should check out your latest video or blog.

Status updates can also be optimized for the search engines.  Consider using your keywords periodically in your status updates on your fan page.  For example if my keyword is Facebook network marketing tips, I would start my status update with that particular keyword and finish the update with more information.  Search engines love social media sites like Facebook due to their high authority ranking.  This strategy is often overlooked.

As this Facebook network marketing tips article has shown, there are many benefits to leveraging Facebook and these are only a few strategies. Facebook could be the extra push your business needs if done correctly.

Just apply these strategies consistently from these Facebook network marketing tips and always continue to remember to always lead with value.

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