Facebook MLM Recruiting

Facebook MLM Recruiting

Welcome and if you landed here there is a good chance you are in an MLM and you just searched for Facebook MLM recruiting or some form of those words.  In this post I am going to outline some tips for you that you should avoid when it comes to Facebook MLM recruiting.

Now as you probably know Facebook is the #1 social media site out on the internet and quite frankly it can be a goldmine for Facebook MLM recruiting and/or prospecting if done correctly.

Sadly when people think of Facebook MLM recruiting methods they typically think that all they need to do is post obnoxious status updates every few hours talking about how their company is the best, they have the best comp plan, they are the latest and greatest new company, the industry has never seen anything like this before, it’s ground breaking, blah blah blah.  You get the point, so not Facebook MLM recruiting.

As a successful Facebook marketer myself I am here to help you grow you business on Facebook using the right strategies that will pay off for you in the long run. Strategies that will have people asking you, “What is you do? Sign me up!”

Let’s look at some statistics…..there are over 900 million people on Facebook.  That’s 900 million prospects in a pool that you could pluck out one by one and start to build relationships with then at some point with your opportunity.

Tips For Facebook MLM Recruiting

When creating your Facebook Fan Page make sure it is professional.  Create a professional image and timeline cover photo that represents who you are. By all means avoid your party pictures, your half naked beach pictures, etc. Think about what you want to attract?  You want to present yourself in a professional manner because the people you want to attract are typically other professionals looking to build a successful home based business.  Not the party guy down the road who forgot where he parked his car.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you shouldn’t be yourself. I love to be myself and show my personality on my Facebook Fan Page but, network marketing is a serious profession, and if you want to recruit other top notch teammates, you must convey the sort of impression.

Secondly, DO NOT spam.  While you may be flippin excited about your new found opportunity, avoid the urge to shout it from the top of the highest roof you can find.  Now you can try this and you may find initial results, but again think about the person you are attracting that was attracted to your hyped message.

It’s all about building relationships in this business.  Reach out and make connections with people.  Find their pain after getting to know them.  When the time is right see if they are open to an opportunity that can solve their pain and then, present your business opportunity to those interested.

Lastly, don’t go out and request someone as a friend then bombard them with your business message.  Facebook is a social network where we connect with those and build relationships.  If you are shoving your opportunity down the throats of you new friends you are likely to get labeled as a spammer by Facebook and by the person you sent the message too.

My advice is when someone accepts your friend request instead of hitting them up with your MLM opportunity actually take some time to get to know that person. Oh and this is still pitching:

“Hey Michelle, Facebook suggested that I might want to add you as a friend.  I am requesting you as you seem like someone I would like in my circle of friends.  Now I am not pitching you here but I think you might love this if you were to take a look.  xyzMLMisthebest.com, John.”


My friends did you know that Facebook is now cracking down on those who spam?  If you email someone and they think it is spam it is as easy as hitting one button and telling Facebook it is spam.  If someone does that once to you and 4 others do too, BOOM you are blocked and temporarily disabled from sending messages on Facebook.  The same goes with status updates you post on your page and in groups.  It’s very easy now for users to report you as a spammer.  If this happens to you depending on the severity your Facebook MLM recruiting days could very well be over.

Facebook is a place for sharing stories, meeting new people, sharing pictures, and videos.  Let’s keep it that way and by all means Facebook is also a place to build relationships so certainly continue to do so.  Not everyone you come across on Facebook is a going to be a fit for your business.  Have some discretion and remember you are in charge of who you want to work with. So be selective instead of slamming every breathing sole into your opportunity, who will most likely eventually quit because they turned out to be a person addicted to a hyped up message and didn’t even have the work ethic to build an MLM.

If you are looking for more training on Facebook click the following link: Facebook MLM Recruiting

I promise if you take the time to nurture your relationships on Facebook, you’ll have people running to you to ask you what it is that you do and how they can be a part and that my friends is how to do Facebook MLM recruiting the right way.

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