In this video I want to give you some Facebook marketing tips. How can you increase your engagement, get more sales, and leads using Facebook marketing.

Facebook Marketing Tips:

You may have heard that there is a new Facebook algorithm in town. It’s true, not too long ago Facebook made some changes to the way they display your content in the news feed of your fans. If your fans have a high level of engagement with your content and your page then they are naturally more likely to see your post’s organically in their news feed. However, if your content gets little, to no interaction then the opposite will happen. Your fans will become less likely to see your page’s posts in their news feed organically.

Here are some Facebook Marketing Tips you can execute today to start getting better results. When marketing via Facebook, try creating content that’s engaging to your audience. If you’re targeting say “home based business owners” then market your content in a way that helps solve their problems. Don’t just put content on your page and not think about the level of value you are trying to provide.

Often times I get asked “Why use Facebook for marketing?” Well, because IT WORKS! I’ve been able to build multiple six figure businesses using Facebook marketing. When you combine all parts of a successful Facebook marketing campaign and put them together you will get results. If you miss ONE part of the puzzle you won’t get the same results. You have to do all parts equally.

If you’re not sure what a successful Facebook marketing campaign looks like then I recommend you check out my course. I walk you through EVERY single stage of development and deployment of a powerful Facebook marketing tips strategy.

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