In this video I show you how to connect Facebook to Twitter so that when you’re posting on your fan page your updates are posted directly to Twitter. This is a good thing to do if you are trying to get a following on both platforms.

Connect Facebook to Twitter:

You may be wondering why you should connect Facebook to Twitter. Well that’s pretty easy, you’re already spending time creating content for your Facebook marketing on your fan page or business page right? Well why not take the time to share that same content elsewhere? You see when you connect Facebook to Twitter you automatically will reach millions of users that use Twitter that might not be aware of your Fan Page. Now you do have to aggressively marketing on Twitter as well as get followers on Twitter but if your content is good enough it may get found by other Twitter users and they may follow your account. Getting targeted followers on Twitter can be done via manual methods like following people yourself, or you can also use Twitter advertising to gain followers that are interested in your Tweets.

Connecting Facebook to Twitter is pretty simple to do and takes just a few minutes, but the additional possibilities and access to more leads, and sales, can make a big impact for your business in the long run.

Hope you enjoyed this video on how to connect Facebook to Twitter! For more FREE Facebook training click HERE.

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