Facebook Live Tips You Should Implement Right Away

16 Facebook Live Tips For Your Business

Looking for Facebook Live tips?

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Facebook Live is hot right now!

If you want to…

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Gain more customers
  • Create a loyal audience

… then you should be implementing Facebook Live videos in your marketing.

Not to mention Facebook loves when you conduct Facebook Live broadcasts because right now they’re giving those videos preference in the news feed over any other kind of content posted on Facebook.


16 Facebook Live Tips:


Tip #1 – Notify Your List

If you have a list of subscribers make sure you email them an hour or so ahead of time to let them know you are going live over on your page.  Don’t forget to give them the link to your page, btw….


Tip #2 – Announce In Facebook Groups

Announce in all of the Facebook groups that you’re an admin of.  Also, announce on your personal profile that you will be going live on your page. Again…..give the link to the page from which you’ll be doing your Facebook Live.


Tip #3 – Utilize Other Social Media Platforms

Use other Social Media platforms, such as Twitter & Instagram. Let your followers on the other platforms know you’ll be going live over on your Facebook page.


Tip #4 – Schedule Your Facebook Live Broadcasts

Create a consistent schedule of Facebook Lives and stick to it. If your audience knows you’re always doing a Facebook Live broadcast on a specific day and time they can plan around it.

This will increase the their ability to show up for your Live and therefore assist you in growing your viewing audience.

For example; on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 9am you will always be on Facebook doing a Facebook Live.

Tip #5 – Create An Irresistible Title

Use an irresistible title before you hit the “go live” button.

This will allow your audience to know exactly what you’ll be talking about.

Also, don’t say things like, “Going live on Facebook” or “Join us for some business tips”

Instead, title your video with specifics such as… “3 Tips To Create A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign”


Tip #6 – Stay On Topic

It’s important for you to stay on topic because most people have short attention spans.

Save all those other ideas running through your head while you are doing a Facebook Live. Write them down and use them for content ideas for subsequent Facebook Live sessions.


Tip #7 – Introduce Yourself

At the beginning of your Facebook Live session, introduce yourself.

Also, let your audience know in a sentence or two what you do as a business owner.

Basically, deliver your elevator pitch and how you serve people.


Tip #8 – Welcome And Engage Your Viewers

At the beginning of your Facebook Live session ask people to comment where they are watching from.  Ask questions to your audience to engage them throughout the Live and encourage them to comment with their answer.


Tip #9 – Ask For The “Like”

Ask for love, likes and shares if your audience got value by telling them to hit the reaction button or share button.


Tip #10 – Make Eye Contact With Your Audience

I made this mistake by looking at the wrong place in my iPhone camera when I first started doing Facebook Lives and you can bet the audience told me.

So know where to look as it will help your audience feel as if you are sitting next to them having an actual conversation.


Tip #11 – Be Yourself And Be Relaxed

No one wants to cringe and watch someone struggle with being comfortable in front of the camera.  or someone trying to be someone they are not.  It’s not relatable.  You want to be real and relatable so people will feel drawn to you.

Don’t worry if the doorbell rings or the dog barks.

It’s real and it’s life and it will add to the authenticity of your presentation.

So if it happens it happens… don’t sweat the small stuff.


Tip #12 – It’s Not About You

Your Facebook Live isn’t about you but about your audience and how you can serve them.  Therefore you will want to deliver valuable information to your audience.  By sharing your expertise with your audience  your credibility will rise in the eyes of your audience.


Tip #13 – Be positive, Energetic, and Smile

Simply put, we have enough negativity in this world… no need for us to add more.

Plus, your fans and viewers will appreciate you for brightening up their day.


Tip #14 – Ask For Engagement

Remember that your Facebook Live will remain on your newsfeed long after you end the Facebook Live session.

So encourage those at the end whether watching live or the playback to ask questions or comment and you will happily get back to them.


Tip #15 – Have A Call To Action

Obviously, you want to have a business purpose for your Facebook Live other than just broadcasting live.

A Call To Action (CTA) is the best way to achieve your business purpose.

A CTA will direct your viewers to whatever action you want them to take next.

Some suggestions at the end would be…

  • Like your fan page
  • Turn on notifications on your fan page
  • Visit your blog for more tips or trainings
  • Opt in to your upcoming webinar
  • Visit your website to get a special gift or a limited time discount on a product or service
  • Join a special Facebook group you have set up for more trainings

Make sure you know what your Call To Action will be prior to starting your Facebook Live.


Tip #16 – Promote Your Facebook Live

Finally if you really want to get more viewers consider running an ad promoting your Facebook Live video targeting a specific audience.

If you are doing Facebook Live regularly or for the first time, I hope you found these Facebook Live tips helpful. Feel free to share if you got value.


Facebook Live Tips: Next Steps

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