In today’s video I discuss how you can bid for Facebook likes for your Facebook page!

Getting Facebook Likes:

So when you’re bidding for Facebook likes you can bid for manual clicks or you can optimize your ad to get more Facebook likes. I ran a couple of different tests to see which one of these options would perform best. I had purchased a course and someone was teaching to use maximum bid for clicks, and wanted to test the results.

All variables stayed the same, I used the same ad copy, same ad images, and targeted the same audience. In the first set I did manual bidding, and in the second option I did optimize for clicks. As you can see from the results in my video, the ad that was set up to do manual bidding had FAR fewer likes as well as total reach, however the ad that I set up and let Facebook optimize for me, had almost SIX time as many likes, and double the reach, yes I did pay a bit more for fan however I was able to reach my advertising objective which was to get more likes.  So by doing this you’re able to grow your page much faster and acquire MORE targeted fans based on your individual budget and objective.

Facebook Likes:

So one of the things that you want to keep in mind is that having TARGETED fans not only helps lend social proof and credibility to your brand but it also helps you reach MORE people that have liked your page whenever you post organic content. There are also other advertising objectives you can use like promoted posts, offer claims, event promotions, clicks to website, conversion based ads, and so much more.

I hope you enjoyed this short video on how to get more Facebook likes, for more awesome Facebook training check out my PRODUCTS tab, or click HERE for another FREE Facebook training webinar!

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