What are Facebook Lead Ads And How Do They Work?

Facebook Lead Ad

Facebook just recently rolled out a new way of collecting leads via their advertising platform, called Facebook Lead Ads.

As of right now the only way you can create a Facebook Lead Ad is by using the Power Editor in your Facebook Ad Manager or a third party software program, like my favorite Ad Espresso.  Personally, I hate the Power Editor as it is not user friendly but I am sure with all new features Facebook will eventually ad the Facebook Lead Ads feature to the Ad Manager.

So what are Facebook Lead Ads? Basically this type of ad provides a simple way for your targeted audience to opt in to your offer(s)  all via the mobile device.  All this is done within Facebook.  No longer do you need to click on an ad to get taken to a landing page where then you need to fill out all pertinent information in order to get your free offer or get signed up.

Instead it’s all done within Facebook.

Pretty much tap, tap and your prospect you are targeting is done and you have collected the lead.

When you create a lead form within Facebook you can customize your form to the degree of what type of information you would like to collect from your targeted audience once they click on your Facebook Lead Ads.

What You Need to Have In Place To Use Facebook Lead Ads

In order to utilize Facebook Lead Ads you need to have 3 things in place:

  1. You must have a privacy policy in place to a valid URL (you will have to provide this to Facebook)
  2. An Image for your Facebook Lead Ads
  3. A Facebook Fan Page

Watch This Video For A Brief Overview On How To Create Facebook Lead Ads



To access your leads after your ad has been successfully running for a few days you will need to go to your Facebook Fan Page and click on publishing tools.  Once inside of the publishing tools you will find Facebook Lead Ads Forms.  Click on the form you want to download leads from and save the file to your hard drive.

Check out the image below:

Facebook Lead Ads



Now it’s your turn! Have you tried Facebook Lead Ads? If so how have they worked for you? Please feel free to share this post on Facebook Lead Ads if you got value and comment below.

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