Facebook Landing Page Guidelines

Facebook Landing Page Guidelines:

So you may have heard some buzz about Facebook shutting down ad accounts because advertisers are violating terms of service. Today, I want to go through the guidelines to help you understand what you can and can’t do when it comes to promoting landing pages via Facebook ads.

The first one is the “Destination URL” the URL that you’re sending traffic to must function on all internet browsers.

Secondly, as an advertiser you want to make sure you’re promoting a URL that is not banned in the country you’re advertising. Also you cannot advertise products that are only legal to 18+ to people under the age of 18.

Also make sure that the URL you are sending traffic to is functioning properly or Facebook will deny your ad. If you’re using a tracking URL make sure it redirects to the correct landing page, and make sure it’s congruent with your ad copy.

Typically Facebook will also not approve an ad if you have a Pop Up on your capture page.  Now this is a bit of a gray area since we have one on our blog, yet we do get our ads approved when driving traffic to posts, such as this one.  Honestly, I think Facebook is talking more about a capture page with an exit pop up. Just keep in mind that if you are getting your ads disapproved and you have a pop up on your site, this could be the reason for the rejection.

Also note as I discussed in the above video that you can not drive traffic to a group on Facebook.

Finally, here’s the big one, MY WEB OF TRUST. Ads cannot lead to a URL that’s been deemed unsatisfactory by WOT (Here’s the link). Therefore, ANY time you are going to promote an affiliate link you need to check to see what the rating is on the WOT site. I recommend that you do not promote the URL if the landing page has a bad reputation via the WOT website.  There have been many advertisers that have gotten their landing pages approved and then had their account shut down once Facebook came back in on a manual review due to promoting a page with a bad reputation on W.O.T.

My suggestion would be to actually use a third party lead capture page system such as Lead Pages or Click Funnels and replicate the page on your own domain to get past the WOT. ratings. This usually does the trick.

Don’t get too freaked out or upset if you get an ad denied.  The key is to read the actual reason why Facebook denied your ad and make the modifications needed in a brand new ad, then send it back through the approval process.

I sincerely hope you found value in this Facebook training.  If you did definitely share and leave me a comment below.

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