In today’s video I want to talk about Facebook ads and more specifically how to use Facebook interests to target the right audience.

Facebook Targeting: How Facebook Interests can define your campaign.

So as you can see there are TONS of Facebook interests you can choose from. During the ad creation process you need to think about your message and ad copy.

As any marketing professional will tell you, understanding your target audience is the key to optimizing an effective content marketing strategy and increasing your sales.Today, perhaps more than ever before, defining your target market is imperative to creating a marketing strategy that works. In the online world where content is king and consumers have short attention spans, businesses must provide content that engages their readers, and to do this they need to create a profile of the typical individual in their target audience.

  1. What are the demographics of our target audience? Pinpointing the age, sex, marital status and other key demographic information of your customers will help streamline data-gathering for the remaining questions. It may be that you have two or three different customer profiles within a larger group, and this knowledge is helpful when developing customized content and developing different product lines or services.
  2. Where does my target audience hang out? This is one of the most important questions to ask when working on the social media aspect of your content marketing strategy. The most cleverly written web content including articles, blog posts, white papers, and tutorials are wasted if they don’t reach your target audience.Which social media platforms do they use and what activities does they participate in when they are on these sites? Are your typical clients or customers Facebook enthusiasts, LinkedIn members, Twitter aficionados or do they prefer Pinterest? Where do they get their news – the Internet, the radio, television, or print media? Gain a clear understanding of where your audience spends their time and focus your social media interactions and content marketing there. Tip: if you don’t know where to start, try Facebook. With approximately 1 billion users, chances are your typical customer is among them.
  3. What are their day-to-day concerns? Identify the main concerns of your target audience. Look at the big picture, and don’t limit this information to just the problems your business can help them solve. For example, a skin care business targeting middle aged women may discover that their target customers are concerned about aging parents, college-aged children, and finding time to exercise. Using this knowledge can help flesh out a profile of your typical customer, and direct content creation on websites and social media communities built around these concerns. Demonstrating your empathy and understanding of what their lives are like can go a long way to building long-term relationships with your target audience.
  4. How can we help? Online consumers have questions that need answers and problems that need solving. They want help to do something (often to save time and/or money), to buy something, or to be entertained. How do you solve their pain points?

So what you want to do is you want to go to your page and look at the sponsored ads, click on the icon and select “Why am I seeing this ad?”

Once you’ve done that you can see which interests you’re being targeted for. By doing this on a daily basis you can compile a list of interests that are applicable to your audience. This will help you generate some fresh new ideas on how to target other audiences.

As you can see this is a great way for your to come up with several good ideas on how you’re being targeted and how you can also target the correct audience for your ads.

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