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Facebook Hashtags

On Wednesday Facebook hashtags were officially announced by Facebook. Before you run off and have fun with the new feature just know that it appears it is still rolling out and not everyone has the Facebook hashtags feature.

Users can now use hashtags in their status updates and in their comments.  When you use a hashtag it connects you with people who are also talking about the same hashtag. So for example, in the case of my husband, Bill, he is a big Bruins hockey fan so when he types a status update and wants to see who else is talking about the Bruins, he can simply write his update to include #Bruins then click on that link to view who else is talking about the Bruins.

What does the Facebook hashtags mean for your business?

Well that training will be coming soon as we experiment more with the Facebook hashtags.  For now the word will first have to spread that Facebook is now using hashtags like Twitter & Instagram and no doubt I am sure it will.  I mean it is Social Media, right?  Things tend to go viral on Facebook very fast.

My thoughts are in the beginning start using some Facebook hashtags based around your niche.  If you are someone looking to generate leads online using Facebook then pay close attention to particular key Facebook hashtags and interact with your fellow similar hashtaggers.

Here’s how to use Facebook hashtags.

1. Create a status update

2. Use your keyword in that status update, ex. #networkmarketing

3. Click enter and your status update is complete.  If you have the Facebook hashtags feature #networkmarketing will be clickable and you can view who else is using the Facebook hashtag #networkmarketing

Simple as that!

More training on Facebook hashtags coming soon.

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