In this video on Facebook Fraud, I want to talk about the topic of buying Facebook likes, otherwise known as Fan Farming.

Fan Farming:

So what is Fan Farming? It’s basically the process of buying Facebook likes from all of these “vendors” online. Here’s what happens, often times you can go to places like Fiver, or you can even just Google something like “Buying Facebook Likes” or something related to that and you will be swarmed with sites offering Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Instagram Followers, etc. Here’s the problem when you do that you have NO IDEA whether or not the fans that are liking your page are English speaking, Targeted to your offer, or your business model, whether they are USA or Canada based or if they’re bogus accounts that are being created by the thousands overseas.

Now as you can see without knowing what type of “Like Ad” he created, it’s much more difficult for us to determine if he created the ad the correct way. You don’t want to create a Global like ad when the majority of your prospects are in the USA etc. One of the “Facebook Fraud” that he mentions in the video is having very little engagement on his posts in other countries like India.

As you can see from his video, fan farming hurts your business in more ways than one because not only does it affect your Edge Rank and page engagement but it also makes it more expensive to market your business to the fans that you acquired the right way, because all of this is based on Edge Rank, so if you have a low Edge Rank you will have to pay to promote your posts because your posts wont be seen organically in the news feed of your reals fans due to the lower page engagement. So this is why you should not engage in buying Facebook likes.

I hope you learned a lot in this video. If you want MORE Facebook training like this check out my course HERE. 

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