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Using Facebook for MLM Marketing

Looking to use Facebook for MLM marketing?  Great idea, I say!  It’s been a great tool that we have been using for over 2 years now to build our business online.  We have become the top recruiters in our company just by leveraging Facebook and tools that MLSP provides.

Using Facebook for MLM marketing can be expensive if you don’t know how to do it the right way. I can say from past experience you don’t want to come across as an annoying marketer to your friends and family, nor to the people you make a new connection with.  So with that said, let’s look at some of the common mistakes I see being made when using Facebook for MLM marketing.

First and foremost it’s important that you come across sincere to your prospects when using Facebook for MLM marketing.  Looking like a spammer or someone who is desperate to make a sale can hurt your online presence if you are looking to build your brand or business online.

So, let’s dive into those mistakes when it comes to using Facebook for MLM marketing:

1. Complaining – Let me ask you this if you are a Facebook user, have you ever signed in on Facebook and your entire news feed was full of complainers?  Remember the past 2012 presidential election?  It seems that my entire news feed was full of people upset that their candidate lost and oh boy…..were they ever complaining and doing it very negatively.

Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes.  Don’t you think it’s draining? You probably just want to keep scrolling down to find a breath of sunshine or positive news in your news feed.

The more you complain the more you lose your attractiveness and people will eventually just stop following your page.

Instead be someone who inspires people, lifts up, engages is meaningful conversations and remember no one wants to hang out with a negative person.  If you are feeling down and feel like complaining consider picking up a journal and write your complaints in there or confide in a good friend instead of airing it out on Facebook.

2. You Are In For Yourself –  I see many marketers who are using Facebook for MLM marketing get all wrapped up in the excitement of having a fan page and they post status updates daily, which is a great technique, but then they never come back to check their responses to those status updates.

What I mean by checking your responses is to actually respond to all the comments on your Facebook fan page.  A great example to responding to a commenter is to respond with their name in the response. Thank them, respond to them, make them feel important, ask them more questions or feedback, etc…all with the objective of creating more engagement.

If you have a Facebook fan page and you are not engaging in conversation with your followers Facebook will eventually penalize you with their algorithm called EdgeRank.  This means the less activity on your page the less likely your fans will see your status updates in their newsfeed. I like to call this the death of your Facebook fan page and once this hits, it becomes more difficult to get back your EdgeRank than if you would of just stayed consistent in your efforts to engage in conversation with your fans.

3.  Bashing – This falls a bit in the line with complaining, but bashing should be included in here too.  Again leaders don’t bash other leaders in the industry.  Unless of course you aren’t a leader and could careless about your own reputation.  No one wants to hang out with a person who openly bashes other people openly on Facebook, again not attractive.

This also includes making stabs at other people or companies in your status updates that alludes to referencing that person even if you haven’t stated their name or company.

4. Capital Letters – This one really doesn’t need much explanation when it comes to using Facebook for MLM marketing.  Don’t use all caps unless you want to appear like you are screaming or yelling out to your prospects.  No one appreciates being yelled at so definitely avoid this one.

I would say CAPS are okay if you are using it on one word.  For example, “FREE report on how to generate 50+ leads a day”.

5.  Quotes – Sharing quotes are inspiring and can be engaging however it can get old to your fans if that’s all they see everyday in their news feed.  Your Facebook fan page is a place for you to share your value to your fans and give them a reason to want to work with you, buy from you, or engage with you.

Consider using quotes if you must, by mixing them in with other pieces of content like pictures, videos, interesting articles, questions you ask your fans, blog posts, etc…. This way you keep your fans interested and engaged.

Your followers really want know who you are and what your thoughts / ideas are about the brand you are representing.

6.  You don’t ask for the “like” “share” or “comment”

Again the best part about building your brand online using Facebook for MLM marketing is the following you will achieve , which will result in people wanting to buy or work with you.

So when posting status updates don’t forget to ask for the “like” “share” or “comment”.  For example you could post your update and say something along the lines of “like” if you agree or “share” if you care.  Take it a step further and ask for feedback in the form of a “comment”.

7.  Self Promotion – Yes from time to time it is important to talk about your business in a non direct way.  But tooting your horn daily, showing your checks, bragging, telling people how great your company is, your compensation plan, etc….can get really old fast.

People want to know what’s in it for them and how you can help in a sincere way.

Keep your self promotions to a 10% ratio when using Facebook for MLM marketing.  This means 90% pure value and 10% self promotion.  People don’t just buy products or into your opportunity they buy into you so give them a reason to want to work with you because you offer something of value to help them achieve their goals.

8. You Don’t Utilize the Application Tabs – This is an often overlooked piece of real estate on your Facebook fan page that should be used on every fan page.  Click HERE to see what I mean.

This is the place to show case your offer when using Facebook for MLM marketing.  When someone finds your content of value don’t leave money on the table.  Give your prospects an easy way to find out more about you, your company, your offers, etc.  So by creating application tabs on your Facebook fan page you will increase your leads and sales for your business for those who take interest in what you do.

While these are only a few mistakes I see made when using Facebook for MLM marketing there are many more that I could go into detail with but I decided to include a FREE training on how to get started by getting more fans to your Facebook fan page which I have included a link here to learn more, Facebook for MLM Marketing

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