In this video I will discuss why you should use a Facebook Fan Page to build your business. It’s not professional to use your personal profile to promote yourself, your business opportunity, or your sales pitch. Check out the video below:

Why else should you use a Facebook Fan Page?

Here’s the deal, when you use a Facebook Fan page or a Facebook Business page, you open up another world of insights into your business, by using a Facebook Fan page not only do you have access to post analytics such as insights into how your posts are performing, how many likes they get, how many people they reach, comments, re-shares, etc. Your Facebook Fan page is a place to truly talk business. You don’t want to be promoting yourself, biz opp, or brand on your personal profile because you risk alienating your friends. At some point they may get tired of seeing all your junk in the news feed and decide to hide all your posts, unfriend you, or block you altogether.

Using a Facebook Fan page provides not only insights into your posts and their effectiveness but it allows you to create ads to promote that post, you can also create newsfeed ads, like ads, offer ads, right column ads, and so much more. You don’t have that ability when you’re using your personal profile to promote your offers. Not only that but you’re also limited to only 5,000 friends. A Facebook Fan page can have unlimited fans, as well as custom fan page tabs, there’s just SO MUCH MORE you can do with a Facebook Fan page that you can’t do with a personal page.

I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you take action! If you’re using a personal page STOP IT, go out and create a Facebook Fan page and treat your business like a real business. If you want some more FREE Facebook training click HERE. 

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