Facebook Dark Posts: In today’s video I show you how to use Facebook Dark Posts.

So as you can see the use of Facebook dark posts is crucial if you want to split test different status updates with your audience. I highly recommend using these dark posts to try different types of content, offers, and calls to action. The Facebook power editor also has other great tools you can use to create ads that you have more control over.

Such as: Mobile Only, Desktop Only, Mobile and Desktop, IOS users, Android users, Right Column ads and so much more.

Facebook Dark Posts:

Facebook Dark Posts give you total control over who sees what message. For the first time, you can create posts for the sole purpose of promotion. And, that content never has to show up on your Page.

To create a dark post, log into Power Editor, add your message, photo, or link as normal. Until you select “Publish Post,” the post will remain unpublished, but is still available for promotion. You can use unpublished posts to find the optimal post content without committing all your ad spend to one message.

For example, the large coffee chain could create several unpublished posts, each containing different language about a product launch. One post might highlight the taste, another the calories, another the date of arrival in stores. They could then designate some of their ad spend to each post and see which content had the highest engagement rates. With data to back them up, they would feel comfortable selecting one message to share and promote on their Page.

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The other major use case for unpublished posts is to cater messaging to certain populations of people. As we mentioned, some of this capability exists with targeted posts. But the added layer of interest targeting makes unpublished posts an even better option.

I highly recommend you check out the Facebook dark posts feature and see what type of results you can get. As I mentioned in my video this is an advanced strategy. So if you’re new to Facebook advertising then I suggest you take a look at some of my other free training or if you’re ready to become a Facebook advertising ninja then check out my courses below.

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