In this video I will show you how to use the Facebook custom audience feature and create ads that are highly targeted. This is a great way to target a list you have already built or that you have purchased.

Facebook Custom Audience:

Imagine being able to create a highly targeted ad from a list that you have already built, purchased, or Facebook UID’s that you have scraped from other pages. This is exactly what you can do when you create a Facebook custom audience. With this feature you can personalize your ad copy in a much more targeted way to get even more engagement with your ad. For example: If you have a health and wellness list of emails you can upload those into Facebook, create an ad that speaks to the interest of those subscribers and then place your ad in front of them on their Facebook news feeds and right hand columns.

Think of the level of engagement you can get when you create a highly targeted ad using the Facebook custom audience feature. You may want to create a great offer like a free e-book, or a training video, maybe some type of discount, or free report. There is a whole new realm of possibilities you can incorporate into your ads when you target a Facebook custom audience.

I hope you enjoyed this video on how to use the Facebook custom audience feature.

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