In today’s video I want to talk about Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixels and why you should be using them to track your return on investment when it comes to your advertising campaigns. Take a look at the video below.

Facebook Conversion Tracking

So why should you use Facebook conversion tracking?  Well let’s say you’re running multiple Facebook advertising campaigns and you’re getting leads left and right, how can you determine which ad group is providing you those leads? If you have 4 different ads running, how do you know WHICH one of those ads are working and providing you leads VS those that are getting clicks but may not be converting those clicks in to leads for your business. You wouldn’t be able to figure this out unless you were using Facebook conversion tracking. Now this isn’t very difficult to implement but trust me it’s well worth you taking a look at it and implementing right away! Using a conversion pixel in your landing page will help you determine which ads are providing an ROI and which aren’t. So you’re able to allocate ad dollars that ARE working away from ad dollars that are NOT working.

When using Facebook conversion tracking you need to remember that EACH pixel must have it’s own name as well as stage. Example: Is the pixel you’re creating a LEAD pixel, Sale pixel, Registration Pixel, etc. By labeling these pixels you will be able to know which ones are working properly, also you need to use a separate pixel for EACH landing page. If you use the same one across ALL your landing pages then it will count all the conversion as ONE, so it’s important that you understand this BEFORE you get started. Now I will say that if you’re using a capture page that DOES NOT let you insert your own Facebook conversion pixel then I recommend that you use what I use and it’s called LeadPages..

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