In today’s video I want to talk about Facebook call to action buttons, how you can leverage these buttons in your Facebook advertising.

Facebook Advertising:

When using Facebook call to action buttons you’re able to change your ad copy to match the call to action that you want your audience to take on your videos that you upload directly to your Facebook page.  When you’re uploading your video to Facebook you’ll be able to add the Facebook call to action button at the end of your video. You will need to select the TYPE of button you want like: Learn More, Download Now, Sign Up, etc, as well as the redirect URL in the video.

What I like about using these Facebook call to action buttons is that you’re able to tell your view to TAKE ACTION at the end of your video. So I recommend that you think about what type of call to action your’re going to be using BEFORE you create your video so that you know how to request that the view take action at the end of your video.

We’ve used Facebook advertising to build several six figure businesses using Facebook advertising. We love Facebook because there are over SIX billion users online. Facebook has some of the most robust and accurate audience profiles as well as conversion tracking, sales tracking, and TONS of insights whens it comes to how you’re spending your advertising dollars online. As an avid internet marketer having access to this information is crucial in order for us to leverage Facebook and direct our advertising spend into campaigns that are producing sign ups, sales, and generating leads for our many online businesses.

I hope you enjoyed this video on how to us the  Facebook call to action feature in your videos. For more training check out our PRODUCTS section by clicking HERE.

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