In today’s video I want to discuss the importance of having a professional looking cover photo on your Facebook business page. You have to think about your brand when using Facebook and your cover photo is a great place to start!

Facebook Business Page: Branding

You wan to make sure when using a Facebook business page, that you portray you brand in the best way possible. Often times I see individuals that use really bad looking cover photos. Make the investment necessary and hire someone to do your branding. It’s not too expensive and will help make a world of difference when it comes to your business. Having a great cover photo on your business page will not only make your page look more professional but if you edit your image and add a description with a link to either your blog, product, or offer it may also prove to be a valid source of some lead generation as well. You can even add an arrow or call attention to your landing tabs by using the cover photo correctly. Hope you enjoyed this post on how to use a Facebook cover photo.

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