In today’s video I discuss Facebook marketing, and how to build a successful Facebook brand.

Facebook Branding:

So recently my daughter created a Vegan fan page and she has well over 23,000 fans, she’s only been at it for a few months and is already having MAJOR success with building her Facebook brand. So what makes the difference between a good Facebook page and a bad one? Well it really comes down to the passion of the person that is running the page. You have to post good quality images, engage your Facebook fans and ask them questions, create good content that is engaging and provides VALUE to your fans. Over time you will see your organic engagement on Facebook grow. The difference between a good post and a bad post is easy to spot. You just need to look at the comments, likes, shares, if you are barely getting any likes, comments, or shares your page my have a low engagement. So you might want to consider changing things up, producing better content and also try promoting some of your good posts to get more reach.

Remember that when building your Facebook brand your posts have to have passion behind them, you need to ensure that you engage your audience and interact with them. Find creative ways to get your message across. Here are some ideas you can try:

1. Boost important posts

The best way to reach the audiences that matter to you with posts promoting your products or services is by boosting them.

2. Boost exclusive discounts and promotions

If you’re looking to inspire more purchases from your posts, create Boosted Posts with special discounts or promotions

3. Connect with words and pictures

The right combination of images and alluring copy that reflect your business objectives can really get your audience interested.

4. Post consistently

In addition to boosting posts, being consistent in the quality and types of ongoing posts you create can help your audience know what kinds of messages to expect from you.
I hope you got some value from this blog post, now get out there and start building your Facebook brand!

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