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Facebook Advertising –  Are you getting results?

Maybe you are using Facebook Advertising to build your business or quite possibly just using Facebook Advertising to generate leads.  Whatever the case may be if you are creating ads and you are not having success, then this might be a reason why.

I just had a team mate of mine tell me he was getting a great ctr (above .1) and not getting any leads, just a bunch of clicks.  I was quite baffled, because usually once you master a great ctr you should be generating leads.  So, I dove in to his Facebook Advertising and here is what I found was the problem.

Facebook Advertising Ad Example:

Here is the ad.

facebook advertising








One mistake that I see individuals make when it comes to being unsuccessful at Facebook Marketing is they don’t actually test the ad they create.  It is very important after you create your ad and wait on approval to test the link in the ad.  You want to make sure the actual linkable area is going to the exact location you want.  That might be a Facebook landing tab or an outside URL.  Either way if it isn’t right you will end up wasting money on clicks that are not directed after their click to a page that has a specific call to action.  This is huge and while you may think you did you ad right, it doesn’t hurt to take the extra step and make sure.  Many times I go in and check a client’s ad and find that the clickable link goes to their Facebook Fan Page wall.  Which means, no leads.  Even if you tested the link when you first created the ad it is best to check back on that ad again if it starts to under perform.

Here’s how to test the ad.  Below is an ad with a clickable link, “Struggling in Herbalife?”

facebook advertising








Now after we clicked on the link “Struggling in Herbalife”  you will see that link takes us to an outside landing page, which is correct.

facebook advertising







If you link takes you to another page that you were not intending on sending your prospects too, then simply just go in and edit the ad.  Once you click edit within the view of the ad in your Facebook Advertising back office, you will be able to fix where you want your ad to go to when it is clicked.

Yes, this seems so obvious, but honestly I see this happen all the time. Many people swear up and down they had the ad set up correctly and somehow it changed.  Whatever the case may be in order to be successful with Facebook Advertising you need to be aware all the possible scenarios as to why an ad may not be performing in your business efforts.

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