Website Custom Audiences

In this video I want to show you how you can take advantage of a new targeting feature in Facebook called website custom audiences. Check out the short video below.

Facebook Advertising:

Using a Facebook custom audience can be crucial to the success of your advertising campaign. The more targeted and refined your audience is the higher the chances for a conversion, which not only means more leads or sales for your business but it also helps reduce your Facebook advertising costs. With the new website custom audience feature you’re able to insert a tracking pixel into the pages of your website or blog. Depending on what type of audience you want to create you can even select if/then sequences, or certain pages on your site like a checkout page, or certain topic and then target your ads relevancy to the audience that interacted with that page or topic.

Facebook Advertising Tips:

When using Facebook advertising taking the extra steps to retarget your audience on Facebook and help you produce a greater return on your advertising costs. A custom audience has more than likely already interacted with your website/blog once already and now you get to retarget them on Facebook in hopes to bring them back to your site to create a sale or a conversion. Being able to take advantage of these features may be the difference between having success or failure on Facebook. Now I know that these types of advanced Facebook advertising features can be a bit scary for some people. If you’re new to Facebook advertising, or if you want to get one on one coaching then I recommend you join my Social Media Mastermind course. In that course I teach advanced Facebook custom audience targeting, Facebook ad creation, and more.


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