Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Understanding Facebook Advertising Results

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If you are new to Facebook Marketing / Facebook Advertising or you are a veteran there is a new feature you may have noticed in your back office.

Here’s how to find this feature:

  • Log in to your Facebook Advertising account
  • Click to view all your ads
  • Then click once on the individual ad and the ad performance will expand
  • Look all the way to the right and you should now see a pie chart image analyzing the performance of your Facebook Advertising Ad performance

Int his particular example I am viewing the performance of an ad I created that promoted a particular status update I recently posted on my Facebook Fan Page and targeted the friends of my fans.

If you hover over the blue question marks you can get a more detailed description of what each particular term means and if you click on see full actions report you will get a more detailed analysis of your Facebook Advertising performance of a particular ad.

In the video below I show you in more detail how I analyzed the ad I was running in my Facebook Advertising account.

Click HERE to view the video.
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