In this video I want to talk about how you can optimize your images when creating Facebook ads. When you’re creating Facebook ads it’s important to split test your campaigns.

Facebook Ads: Image optimization

When you are creating Facebook ads you’re given the option to split test 6 different images. Some of the reasons you may consider doing this is to determine what images resonate with your target audience. Split testing images as well as ad copy, different headlines, and landing pages are part of the optimization process. Being able to effectively split test your ads is crucial in order to achieve the best results and ROI for your ad dollars. I often teach in my course how to split test not only the images but how to resize them to fit correctly as well as how to change the colors, add borders to the images to increase their clicks and much more.

I know that creating Facebook ads can be a challenge, but when you do it the right way the results you can obtain are well worth the time invested in learning how to master the art of Facebook ads. If you want learn how to use Facebook ads the right way click on the links below for the appropriate courses. My “Get Fans Get Paid” course is a full A-Z guide on Facebook marketing. I show you how to create business pages, or fan pages, and how to pick the right cover, use landing tabs, create ads, and so much more. For those that want a more advanced look into creating Facebook ads, I offer a monthly coaching program that teaches the more advanced strategies to Facebook advertising.

I hope you enjoyed this video on Facebook ads.

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