So today I want to talk about why you should always optimize your Facebook ads.

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Facebook Ads: Image Optimization

When you are creating Facebook ads you’re given the option to split test 6 different images. Some of the reasons you may consider doing this is to determine what images resonate with your target audience. Split testing images as well as ad copy, different headlines, and landing pages are part of the optimization process. Being able to effectively split test your ads is crucial in order to achieve the best results and ROI for your ad dollars. I often teach in my course how to split test not only the images but how to re-size them to fit correctly as well as how to change the colors, add borders to the images to increase their clicks and much more.

Facebook Ads: Ad Copy Optimization

Once you’ve tested your images and optimized for campaign performance you will want to start split testing different variations of your Facebook ads with varying ad copy. First you will want to change your ad headline only, after you’ve tested several version of your ad headline and found a winner you will then move on to testing your ad copy, and then you can optimize and possibly test a variation of your call to action button for your ad, (this is available only to certain ad types) The purpose of optimizing your ads and split testing difference variations is so that you can determine which ads perform best. By doing this you can get a higher Click Through Rate which will result in a lower Cost Per Click. This allows you to get more traffic for less money and results in better campaign performance, once you’ve also adjusted your landing page and optimized for conversion you can also expect to get more leads and hopefully more sales!

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