In today’s video I want to talk about Facebook Ads and how to optimize your campaign for best performance.

Facebook Ads:

When you’re using Facebook ads it’s important that you always test out different strategies and campaigns to meet your business objectives. In the new Facebook ads campaign structure you now have access to the new campaign structure. Up until now, Facebook’s campaign structure has consisted of two levels — campaigns and ads. The new Facebook Ads campaign structure consists of three levels: campaigns, ad sets and ads.

Campaigns correspond to each of your advertising objectives, like building brand awareness or driving web traffic. They’re designed to help you optimize and measure your results for each objective across multiple ad sets and ads.

Each campaign can feature multiple ad sets, each of which has its own budget and schedule.

You can also organize each ad set to represent audience segments, like people who live near your store. This will help you control the amount you spend on each audience, decide when they will see your ads, and measure their response. The ad delivery system will optimize delivery for the best-performing ad in an ad set.

Within each ad set, you can have multiple ads, each of which can feature different images, links, video or text. You’ll still control the creative, targeting and bidding at the ad level. You should only target ONE group of people per ad set. It’s important that you do this because if you target more than ONE interest per ad-set you won’t know which of those interests is generating results and which ones may be holding your campaign from performing the best.

So whenever I created our Like’s ad for our Vegan fan page and tested it against Facebook’s algorithm of optimization. I decided to create a new campaign with an image that Facebook decided not to show to my audience.

My results showed that when using Facebook’s algorithm my ad was displayed more in the mobile news feed than the desktop or right hand column. In the next ad I was able to still get results in the desktop news feed to get likes.

Just be careful with this because you don’t want to be competing with yourself for your target audience.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Facebook Ads video!

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