In this video I want to discuss how to improve your ad performance when using Facebook advertising. Get ready to take some notes and watch below!

Facebook Ads:

When using Facebook advertising it’s important to know exactly how your target audience is. You can target by demographics, age, relationship status, male/female, sexual orientation, as well as advanced targeting options via the Facebook Power Editor. So before you even create an ad, look at your offer and ask yourself what audience would respond best to your offer. Make sure to use relevant and compelling images that directly relate to your offer, make sure they’re eye catching images that stand out to the user in the news feed or right hand column of their Facebook profile. Also make sure that you use landing pages whenever possible so you can capture information from your visitors. Rarely do you want to send traffic to your website’s home page where visitors can get lost. If you offer XYZ as a product then your landing page needs to be about XYZ, you need to remain congruent with your advertising copy and message and what happens after the user click your ad and lands on your site.

Facebook Marketing:

Another really great thing about using Facebook advertising is that you’re able to split test two ads against each other to see what your audience responds to best. This is important because you’re always trying to beat your own ads to get a higher click through rate and a lower cost per click which helps lower your Facebook advertising costs. Make sure you take advantage of this feature by testing different images against each other, or different headlines, ad copy etc. Don’t test more than one thing at a time though otherwise you won’t know what caused one ad to perform better than another.

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I hope these Facebook advertising tips help you and your business and thanks for watching this video on Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads



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