Facebook Ads Cost is all dependent on how well you know how to market your business on the Facebook advertising platform. Below is an example of what I paid for my most recent click on one particular ad I am running on the Facebook advertising platform.




How Can You Get Your Facebook Ads Cost Down to .01?

First off you must know what you are doing in Facebook when it comes to keeping your Facebook ads cost low. I am going to share with you one particular type of ad in which you can find cheap clicks and get more fans quicker.

As you know there are many types of Facebook ads you can run now a days.

  • Sponsored Facebook fan page stories
  • Sponsored Facebook fan page “like” stories
  • Facebook Ads to a URL outside of Facebook
  • Facebook Ads to a custom landing tab on your Facebook fanpage
  • Facebook Ads to an event you are promoting
  • And…a few other creative Ads

But, today I am going through the steps of how to achieve exactly what I did in the above picture to keep your Facebook ads cost low.

  1. Log into your Facebook ads account
  2. Click the button on the right to create an ad
  3. Choose your custom Facebook fanpage provided you have one, because you will need one to run this ad
  4. Click the radio button on sponsored stories
  5. Click the radio button on page like story
  6. Choose your demographics
  7. Leave everything else the same
  8. Choose the age range
  9. Choose to target only fans that are not a Fan of your custom fanpage
  10. Bid your CPC
  11. Submit Ad

This my friends is the type of ad I ran to get my Facebook Ads Cost at .01 a click. Here’s the deal though, you need to make sure you have some fans on your page for this type of ad to be successful or you won’t have a good enough reach. Also make sure your ad is running to a landing tab that’s going to give you a new Facebook fan, plus capture a lead.

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