In today’s video I want to talk about Facebook Post Planner which now includes Canva.

Facebook Post Planner:

So what is Facebook Post Planner? It’s an awesome tool that I use to schedule posts to my Facebook page. I use Facebook Post Planner on a daily basis to fill my queue with quality content, images, and posts for my page. The really cool think about Post Planner is that it’s integrated with Canva which is a great application that you can use within Post Planner to create awesome images for your posts. You can also use Post Planner to pull other images that may be available for free. Some of these images you can design and schedule on your page and they only cost $1.00, don’t worry though by using Canva with Post Planner you can still upload your own images to use free of charge. They also have some free of charge images that you can use to create your own quotes, or funny images, and updates etc.

What I love about this is that in as little as an hour or 2, we can use Post Planner to schedule over a week worth of content for our pages. Now remember it’s very important that you check your page throughout the day to see if anyone has responded to your posts and so you can build relationships with your fans. You’re able to use Post Planner to post images, articles, status updates, and so much more. It’s super easy to set up a scheduled queue of posts using Post Planner and now with the Canva integration it’s also much easier to create your own branded quotes. Make sure to give credit in the quote to the source but also add your own name or page name at the bottom of the image.

To check out Post Planner click HERE. Hope you enjoyed this video!

To learn more about Canva check out


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