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5 Creative Ways to Use Your Email List With Facebook Ads:

Looking to convert more customers from your email list?

Then check out the custom audiences section in your Facebook Ad manager.

One of the options for creating a custom audience in your ad manager is the ability to upload your email subscriber list.

You can find the custom audience section of your ad manger HERE.

So today I want to talk about 5 creative ways to use your email list with Facebook Ads.

You might be thinking…

“What does my email list have to do with Facebook Ads?”

If you’ve ever created a Facebook ad then you know that you must choose an audience to put your ad in front of.

By uploading your email list into your Facebook ad manager you can create a custom audience. You can then create a Facebook ad and target your newly created custom audience, your email list.


5 Creative Ways To Use Your Email List With Facebook Ads

There are 5 creative ways to use your email list with Facebook ads to accomplish more of your business objectives.

So lets dive in!


#1 – Upload Your Entire Email List Of Subscribers

This is done by simply downloading your email list from your autoresponder and then uploading that list via a CSV file to Facebook by creating a custom audience.

target email list


[Note: not all emails will show up as a custom audience in your ad manager]

The actual email address must be a registered user of Facebook.

However, often times that is not the case.

For example, if you have a list of 10,000 emails there may be only a portion of those emails that will actually be added to the custom audience.

Once you have the emails uploaded to Facebook you now have the ability to create a Facebook Ad.

Now you can put that ad in front of your newly created custom audience.

Why would you want to do this?

Well as you may or may not know, not everyone opens all of their emails.

There’s also the possibility that your emails are landing in the spam folder.

By getting your offer/message in front of your email list via a Facebook ad you’re creating an additional way to reach your email subscribers.


#2 – Upload Your Unengaged Subscribers

One thing we do in our own marketing is identify who hasn’t opened an email on our list in the last 30 days on a regular basis.

Once we run a report to find those who have not engaged in the last 30 days with our emails, we tag them as unengaged.

Understand that just because they’re unengaged on your list doesn’t mean they’re not interested in your message or offer.

Your emails could be ending up in their spam folder or maybe they have changed email addresses.

If you have the ability to identify your list of unengaged subscribers, download those emails then upload the emails to a separate custom audience.  Be sure to label the custom audience unengaged subscribers (or something like that).

Now you can create a Facebook Ad and target your unengaged audience to either get them back on your list.

Another option is to offer them an exclusive deal or promotion.

You can get really creepy and create an ad asking where they went or ask if they are seeing your emails…. then direct them to a free offer to get them reengaged on your list.

use your email list with Facebook ads

#3 Upload Your Buyers List

Who better to retarget in a Facebook Ad than your current buyers.

By uploading your buyers into a custom audience you can create a more direct Facebook Ad which goes straight to an offer to buy one of your products or services.

These people are considered your hot market.

These people are familiar with you, so you are likely to see a high relevancy score with your ad… which will result in a lower cost you will pay for the action on your ad.

The type of ad & message you put in front of this custom audience will be very different than the one you put in front of a cold audience.  These are people who already know you, hopefully like you and trust you.

#4 Upload The People Who Opened Your Emails And The Ones Who Did Not 

This may bit a bit tricky if you email your list daily.

If you do email your list daily, find the best email of the week and download the people who opened the email and then download in a separate file those who did not.

Then upload these emails via a CSV file into two different custom audiences.

You will have one custom audience that only has the people who opened your emails and then one who did not.

A creative strategy would be to take that best email of the week and put it in front of those who opened your emails as a reminder to take action per the call to action you had in the email they opened.

Then create an ad with your email message and target the custom audience of those who did not open the email.

It’s all about keeping your message and offer in front of those who have opened your emails and getting those who did not on another platform other than email.


#5 Create A Lookalike Audience Of Your Email List 

You now have your entire email list uploaded as a custom audience to Facebook.

Now you can create a lookalike audience which will create a new audience for you to target your Facebook ads.

A lookalike audience is a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business or offer because they’re similar to your subscribers on your email list.

Not only can you create a lookalike audience from your entire list of email subscribers…

… you can also create a lookalike from your buyers list.


email list with facebook ads


Just remember if you choose to target specific segments of your list that you created in a custom audience be sure to exclude the other audiences if you are creating multiple ads.

For example if you create an ad and target your entire list of email subscribers, then you create the same ad to target your buyers be sure to exclude the buyers in your first ad targeting of your entire list.

If you don’t you will end up putting both ads in front of the same audience twice.


Final Thoughts: Creative Ways To Use Your Email List With Facebook Ads

In conclusion, the 5 creative ways to use your email list with Facebook ads are…

  1. Upload your entire list of email subscribers
  2. Upload your unengaged subscribers
  3. Upload your buyers list
  4. Upload the people who opened your emails and the ones who did not
  5. Create a lookalike audience of your email list

Now that you know all about these 5 creative ways to use your email list with Facebook ads it’s time for you to take action!

We strongly encourage you to start implementing them right away.

However, if you’re still not 100% sure about how to fully incorporate your email list with your Facebook ads then you need to check out our detailed Facebook training here.


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