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Facebook Was Wrong & It Was Time to Email Facebook Support

You read that right and I knew what I needed to do, email Facebook support!

You see the other day I had 19 ads disapproved within minutes of each the ads being submitted to Facebook review.  After testing different issues, reading the guidelines again, posting the same ad on a different page and it getting approved, I knew something was up.

In the video below I go into what led up to my frustration.  I show exactly what I did and what you can say when you email Facebook support, if you too feel your ads are getting disapproved for the wrong reasons.

It turns out that when you email Facebook support they do listen and they do look into what might be happening.  It was no surprise to me that Facebook was indeed making a clear mistake in disapproving my ads within minutes of them getting submitted.

Check out what I did and what you too can do if you feel Facebook is in the wrong.

Email Facebook Support

Know the guidelines is key in your first step in investigating if you are doing everything right in your ad, so be sure to educate yourself by clicking HERE.

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