In this short video I will walk you through how you can delete a Facebook group. Check it out below!

Why would you want to delete a Facebook group?

Well there are many reason that may make you want to delete a Facebook group. One of them could be that you no longer need that group and want to remove it completely.  Often times when creating Facebook groups you may you make a mistake and either create more than one group that is the same, or you decide you no longer want to have to manage the group and also don’t want to assign the group to another admin to manage. These are a few reasons why deleting Facebook groups may come in handy. A lot of people now use Facebook groups to manage teams, or manage courses that they sell and the people purchase the course can join one of the groups to ask questions. It’s also a great way to build a community on Facebook about a topic or subject that you enjoy or that you want to monetize.

Facebook Groups

You can also delete a Facebook page, or remove groups from Facebook search by making them secret. You can find secret Facebook groups unless you’re already a member of them so make sure you don’t make a group secret and then delete yourself from it by mistake because you won’t be able to get back in the group unless another member ads you to it. So make sure that you’re extra careful when you’re deleting other members. You want to make sure you’re the LAST member in the group before you delete yourself. Then a pop-up will appear saying the group will be deleted if you leave because you’re the last member. You should also review Facebook group guidelines, as well as look for the best Facebook groups to join.

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I hope you enjoyed this quick video on how to delete a Facebook group.



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