In today’s video I want to introduce my daughter Megan Alpha, we want to discuss how to build a page and engage your fans to build your Facebook Brand!

Facebook Branding:

The steps Megan takes are waking up in the morning, checking her Vegan fan page, reading messages, seeing who is sharing her posts, she posts 3 times a day to her page and she schedule’s her posts out. It takes Megan about an hour or two a day to post to her page and do her research. She’s got over 11k likes to her page and spending about 4o bucks a day! She pays about .05 to .08 a day to acquire fans. You need to be posting engaging content to build your Facebook brand. Do your research, be passionate, find good articles, great information that’s share-able!

When building your Facebook brand you also want to make sure that you are able to create a long term strategy for your page. What things do you want to talk about? How many times a day will you post? What type of content are you posting? Will you post quotes, pictures, video’s, articles from your blog, etc.  How will you build your Facebook brand?

Facebook branding: Now keep in mind that we are using a combination of quality content as well as a paid traffic strategy, we’re paying for advertising. We have a like campaign currently running that’s targeting ONE audience and so far it’s converting. Every business needs  a marketing budget, so it’s important to look at your budget and determine how much you can set aside for advertising. You will also want to schedule your content in advance so that when you’re busy or away from your computer your content still posts to your page and engages your audience. Make sure to interact and reply to comments, messages, and thank new fans for following your page!

This is just a little bit of what I teach in my course. If you want to know EVERYTHING about Facebook marketing then take a look at the PRODUCTS section of my blog!

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