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Make Your Life Easy With This Custom Fanpage Program

I have been doing Facebook Marketing for over a year now.  One of the key components to building a successful business online using Facebook is to have an attractive custom fanpage (landing tab) on your fanpage.  You can see the examples of my landing tabs by clicking HERE.  If you are already a fan of my custom fanpage you will need to go underneath my profile banner and click on the landing tabs to see what I mean by having a custom fanpage.

When I first started Facebook Marketing my budget was limited and I could not afford to pay someone to make a custom fanpage for me. The prices ranged from $150.00-450.00 just to get a custom fanpage.  Granted, there were a ton of different options in the price range I just gave you.  Either way I knew I couldn’t afford it, since I was just starting out.

So, what I did was a little research on Google and tried to find free custom fanpage templates.  I spent hours upon hours, even days trying out different custom fanpage templates, but fell short due to my lack of html knowledge, among other technical issues.  I quickly realized after stumbling upon Fan Page Engine, which at that time Facebook was still using FBML coding, that giving this program a try was probably worth my time. If you buy get 20% off using ALPHA as your discount code.

I have been using Fan Page Engine ,which is now called IFrame Engine, for over a year now.  The owner, David Foster has done an excellent job of expanding his program and even staying up to date with all the recent Facebook changes, one of which was going from FBML to IFrame to create a custom fanpage.  I highly recommend IFrame Engine if you are looking to save a ton of time, the headache of figuring coding out on your own, and are just looking for an easy plug and play system.

Here is a video where I show you how simple it is to use IFrame Engine and the overview of the costs associated with building your own custom fanpage using IFrame Engine.

Custom Fanpage Engine Video

To buy FanPage Engine and get a discount use ALPHA as your discount code and click HERE.  Enjoy building your very own custom fanpage and have fun building a successful online business with Facebook Marketing.


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