In today’s video I will be discussing the Facebook Power Editor and how you can use it to target custom audiences. Check out the video below!

How to use the Facebook Power editor:

So as you can see, when doing a promoted post it’s difficult to choose who to target if you promote the post from your page. However, when you use the Facebook Power Editor you’re able to select additional targeting options. Make sure you select the appropriate campaign settings, whether you’re doing Cost Per Click or Cost Per Impressions.

Using the Facebook Power Editor gives you additional options that allow you to run your ads as mobile only, newsfeed only, right hand column only, and a whole lot more.

Keep in mind that the Facebook Power Editor is more advanced than your typical Facebook Ad. If you find it difficult to use the power editor then I recommend you pick up a copy of one of my courses. I have my best selling Get Fan Get Paid course which is an A-Z course that covers everything you need to know to build a successful marketing campaign on Facebook as well as an intermediate monthly coaching program where I hold webinars and answer the more advanced topics of successful Facebook marketing.

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I hope you enjoyed this video and brief overview on how to use the Facebook Power Editor. Thanks!

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