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Creating a High Engagement Facebook Post

What exactly does it mean to you and your business to have “likes”, “shares”, and “comments” on each of your posts?  While there really is no exact science or answer to this what it really boils down to is whether or not your posts are  engaging to your viewers / fans.

If you are putting out status updates that are lacking in high engagement Facebook will penalize your page and stop showing your Facebook fan page’s status updates in the news feed of your fans.

The focus of a typical business Facebook fan page should be about building a loyal following of fans through engaging content that will result in more sales for your business and/or exposure.

If you are posting content on your fan page and you are not receiving likes, shares, and/or comments it could quite possible mean your are not creating a high engagement Facebook post for your viewers and it’s time to make some tweaks to achieve that.

Understand that feedback from your fans is a good thing because it helps your page grow and helps with your decision on what to post in future updates on your Facebook fan page.

The more comments, the more shares and the more likes you start to receive are a good indication that you are on the path to creating high engagement Facebook posts.  Also remember that each Facebook fan page has a different set of fans, therefore one particular status update may work on one page and may not on another. This is why analyzing your insights in your admin section is key to understanding what posts are creating the most engagement on your Facebook fan page.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to posting a high engagement Facebook post, I suggest that you just start somewhere and test what works and what does not.

Let’s get back to the simple formula that you can follow to create a high engagement Facebook post.

In each status update there are 3 important components to a high engagement Facebook post that you should strive to have in place:

1. Share a photo or video that is share worthy.  Something that will attract the eye of your followers or inspire. Test out different, colorful, vivid images that fit your Facebook personality of your fan page. Again, test and see what works.  If you are getting likes, shares or comments then chances are you are on the path to creating a high engagement Facebook post.

For me I tend to post an image that is fun but yet is congruent with the status update.  Fun, cute, quirky, strange work best on my particular Facebook fan page because it matches my type of personality which has lead to a particular type of following/fans who happen to like my style or dislike.  lol

2. Keep your status updates short, about 140 characters.  Make them easy to read and easy on the eye when someone comes across your update.  No one comes to Facebook to read a novel, so keep it short and remember to ask for the engagement.

For example, ask their opinion, ask yes or no, agree or disagree, thoughts….etc.  Don’t be afraid to also ask for a comment, share, or like.  These things are all okay when you are creating your high engagement Facebook post.

3. In addition to the above provide a link to engage your fans further.  For example to a video, website, blog, article, Facebook application tab offer on your own fan page, etc.

If you can remember to do this 1, 2, 3 step process (photo/video, update, link) when creating a high engagement Facebook post,  you will likely start to see more engagement from your fans by seeing more likes, shares and comments.  This is a great gauge in addition to your insights data, as to whether your content is engaging or not.

Not all three of these components need to be applied to every status update, especially if you are posting 3 times a day in which I recommend but you should strive to do at least 2 out of the 3 in every post.

Here’s a tip if you want to accelerate your high engagement Facebook post:

Consider using the promoted post paid feature. If you promote your posts periodically you will ensure your posts are bumped up in the news feed of your fans.  Depending on the amount of Facebook fans you have, will determine the price of what you will pay for your budget.  You can find more information on promoted posts by clicking HERE.

How is the engagement on your own Facebook fan page?  Are you struggling or have you found your groove?  I would love to hear in the comment section below your thoughts on posting a high engagement Facebook post and what you results are thus far.


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