How To Create Your Attractive Character

create your attractive character

You and I are not that different.

We both want to build a magnetic and appealing personal brand…

… so we can attract people to us and build a prosperous business.

But what most people don’t know is…

… in order to successfully build your Personal Brand… there are few things more important than knowing how to create your Attractive Character.

(noIm not talking about how to be better looking. Youll have to leave that up to the Kardashians or Giselle for that kind of info)

The term “attractive character” comes from a personal branding perspective and it refers to the ability to attract more people to you.

As you keep reading this article, I’m going to reveal 4 elements to show you how to create your attractive character so people will want to…

  • Get to know you
  • Want to follow you
  • Want to learn from you

… because they feel YOU can provide them value and offer solutions to their business struggles.

Sound good?

Then let’s dive in!


4 Elements To Create Your “Attractive Character”

Again, creating your Attractive Character has nothing to do with how  you look or your own personal feelings about your ability to lead.

As Russell Brunson says in his new book “Expert Secrets”...

“The key to building your Attractive Character is to understand that people will follow you because you have completed the journey they’re on right now, and they want the result you’ve already achieved.”

~ Russell Brunson

Another way to think about creating your Attractive Character is this…

You become a leader when you try to master something for yourself.

This applies whether you’re a carpenter, a dentist, or in our case an online/internet marketers.

Now if you’re having any doubt or confusion about becoming a charismatic lead or an attractive character I understand that.

But becoming a leader starts with having a desire to help and serve other people.

Which is why I go back to this… all you really need to create your attractive character is…

  • a desire to get better at a specific skill
  • a desire to help other people do the same

That’s how you become a leader.

It has to do with growth and contribution.  Growth ———> Contribution

So let’s start by exploring 4 different elements that you can use when creating your attractive character:

1.) Backstory

Share only important elements of your back story and think of why you’re sharing it. What have you accomplished by sharing this particular part of your story.

Perhaps you’re revealing an aspect of your “pain” of which your Customer Avatar can relate.

Or maybe you’re revealing a part of your life that lead you get involved with your offer.

2.) Parables

Take stories from your life and relate it to business… then share them with your audience.

3.) Character Flaws

Share your character flaws/mistakes/lessons/challenges and how you learned or grew from them. Look, we all make mistakes (and none of us are perfect) especially when we’re learning something new.

Use those mistakes or imperfections to your advantage. When you share your mistakes you’ll allow your audience to peak inside the real you. As a result… they’ll resonate more with you.

4.) Polarity

This is a very powerful element in personal branding. Think about Howard Stern and how he created his brand. People either love him or hate him… there is no in between. You can take a similar approach with your attractive character, just know that you will likely get some haters along with the people who love your message.


Create Your Attractive Character: Know, Like, & Trust Factor

Additionally, you’ll need to recognize early on that if you’re scared to take risks or if you’re afraid of being transparent and vulnerable…

… then people won’t get to know you or what you stand for.

“A key element of creating your Attractive Character is getting your audience to Know, Like and Trust You!”

If your target audience isn’t able to get to know you…

… then they most likely wont have the chance to get to like you.

And if they don’t like you there’s not much hope in you gaining their trust.

Finally, if they don’t trust you… they’re certainly not going to buy from you.

If you want to create your attractive character, and build a successful brand…

… you’ll have to become comfortable with being vulnerable.

When you let your guard down and share parts of your story that you previously weren’t comfortable sharing… you’ll allow your audience to truly get to know, like, and trust you.


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create your attractive character


An Attractive Character Will Be Absolutely Certain

In addition to we’ve already covered… an Attractive Character will remain absolutely certain.

You may have heard this before…

… but it’s said that in any conversation, the person with the most certainty wins.

Therefore, if you want to impact people’s lives, you must be absolutely certain.

It is this certainty that will draw people in and attract them to you.

However, gaining this sense of certainty doesn’t happen overnight.

But it will happen!

It all begins with you sharing your message often enough that you find your voice and become certain in what your teaching.

The more you share with others…

… the more certain you will become.


Use Story Lines To Create Your Attractive Character

When developing your attractive character you should consider the following strategies as a way to distinguish yourself from your competition and attract a larger and more devoted audience to you.

  • Loss & Redemption“I lost this and struggled but then I found my solution and here’s what happened.” (Rise from the ashes)
  • Us vs. Them – Create polarity by drawing a line in the sand between you and your competition. “Don’t be sucked in by all of those other gurus false hype!”
  • Before and After“I used to have no leads or sales, but then I found ______ and now I have more leads, sales and commissions too!”
  •  3rd Person Testimonial – Have someone else share their results to validate your product or service.


When you’re in the process of creating content, think about how you can tie these storyline strategies into it.

The more effectively you weave the above strategies into your content…

… the better you’ll be able to develop your attractive character.

“Remember… your experiences are your stories, your stories are your value, and your value is your authority.”


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create your attractive character


Create Your Attractive Character: Your Next Steps

Now that you know about Personal Branding and how to create you attractive character it’s time for you to go out and take action!

Think back to when you were a kid, when you were in college, or when you were at your job and see if there are any stories that make sense to share to your audience.

What sort of major set backs or challenges have you overcome and does it make sense to share them with your audience?

Always remember…. youre experiences are your stories, your stories are your value, and your value is your authority.

If you’re still uncertain about your Personal Branding and would like more help on creating your attractive character then grab your free copy of “Expert Secrets” today!   

“Expert Secrets” will help you find your voice so you can have the confidence to become the leader you know you can be!




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create your attractive character

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