Today I want to talk about building your brand online using Facebook.

So initially I created a Fan Page based around what problem I wanted to solve for my audience. Then I decided to talk on Facebook advertising, I tend to offer help to online marketers, network marketers, other home based business owners. I provide value and content to my fans. Now my product is the paid product. I start to build relationships with people based on the content that I’ve provided.

Building Your Brand Online:

Now building your brand online takes some time, I created paid “Like” ads to acquire fans. Then ask yourself what are you promoting? Well that’s your product, find out what pain points your audience has, and you find out who those people are and you create ads that target them in order to get them to your page and get them to engage with your brand. I also offer paid products that teach people step by step how to create their business page, and how to create ads that are objective based that help grow our brand organically.

The important part is to remain consistent, to continue to pump content and value into the market place. Ideally you might not be able to monetize that initially but over time as your brand grows and people start to know, like and trust you they will become more inclined to purchase products from you. So again when you’re thinking about Facebook advertising and building your brand online you want to first think about WHAT problem you will solve in the market place, then provide content and value that helps solve the problem market, and over time as long as you remain consistent you will be able to either market affiliate products that help solve that problem or you can create your own products as well.

Hope you enjoyed this video on Building Your Brand Online!

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