How To Build Your Personal Brand Online 

build your personal brand

Let’s talk about why you need to build your personal brand online.

Now more than ever, consumers are going to the internet to become more informed prior to making a purchasing decision.

If you’re in the business of attracting people to you (leads, prospects, customers, etc.)

… then a strong online brand and presence is critical.

A successful personal brand will help build the “Know, Like, Trust” factor that is essential if you want to turn prospects into customers.

However, most marketers and business owners are missing the key element to successfully build a personal brand…

… and that key element is

Knowing how to build “You, Inc.”

Let me explain to you why…

Build Your Personal Brand… “You, Inc.”

When you build “You, Inc.” you are building a brand around yourself.

Specifically, you’re building a brand around your own unique…

  • Strengths
  • Experience
  • Talents

Essentially, you’re building a brand around you.

This is crucial if you want to have longevity in your business and your online marketing career.

The problem is…

Too many people fail to recognize the importance of this.

As a result, they don’t have the amount of success in their business they thought they would have.

These people tend to focus too much energy on promoting their company, and not enough energy on promoting themselves.


Why You Should Build Your Own “You, Inc.”

Ultimately, you can control YOU more than anything else.

Companies will come and go and during your lifetime.

You’ll likely work for or be an affiliate/distributor for many companies over time…. not just one.

Additionally, here is a brief list of what can happen with companies.

Companies can…

  • Change product lines
  • Change compensation plans
  • Change their business model
  • Eliminate divisions or units
  • Outsource, downsize, or layoff people

… and you have ZERO control over any of this!

Fact is… there’s very little certainty or security with companies any more.

But the one constant in this sea of uncertainty is… YOU.

That is why it is so important that you build your personal brand… your very own “You, Inc.”

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build your personal brand

Create Your Personal Brand To Attract People To You

build your personal brand

All too often I see people in the home based business space who latch onto their current company as the foundation for their own personal branding.

For example, maybe they’re a distributor for “XYZ” Health & Wellness company. The problem is… all of their personal branding has been centered around the company’s colors and logo.

The name of their Facebook Fan Page will be Joe Schmoe – XYZHealth & Wellness.

Their Facebook Fan page banner image will have the company’s logo across 90% of the image.

And they might have a little picture of themselves in the corner.

Their content or Facebook status updates will focus entirely on the company’s products.

Now on the surface this may seem fine.

“By building your personal brand and You, Incyou will avoid being thought of as a one trick pony.”

But happens when this person leaves this company and becomes a distributor at a different company?

What happens if the company goes out of business?

Or more importantly…

What does your target audience think when they land on your Facebook Fan page for the first time and all they see is…

  • the branding
  • the imaging
  • and a sales pitch

… that revolves solely around the company you’re involved in?

They’re most likely going to think that you’re a “one trick pony”.

Meaning… you’re only interest is to promote your offer rather than provide value to your audience.

build your personal brand

How Do You Build “You, Inc.”?

To start with… take a look at your various Social Media sites and ask yourself…

“Am I branding myself?”


“Am I branding my company?”

For example…

Here’s the banner image for my Facebook Fan Page:

build your personal brand


As you can see, this FB Fan Page banner image is branding us (my wife Michelle and me).

In other words…

We’re creating our own “You, Inc.”

Additionally, it references our blog ( which is our hub to all things “us”.

Furthermore, the imaging and color scheme has the same look & feel as our blog.

We’ve done this intentionally to create a sense of consistency and familiarity for our audience.

So… what’s NOT in this Facebook banner image?

  • There’s NO mention of a company or business opportunity we’re affiliated with
  • There’s NO branding, images, or color scheme of another company
  • There’s nothing that would distract our audience from our own brand

Everything you see in that image is unique to us…

… and therefore goes a long way towards building our own “You, Inc.”

Make sense?

For additional Social Media examples go to…

When you go to these Social Media sites what you’ll see is:

  1. Consistency in the look & feel of the imaging and color
  2. Branding that creates our own “You, Inc.”

By having a consistent look & feel and by constantly providing value to your audience…

… you’ll quickly be able to develop your own unique “You, Inc.”


Your Personal Brand: How Others See You

build your personal brand

If your branding, imaging, and content revolves entirely around your company and their products…

… then unfortunately most people wont see you as a trusted resource.

If the only “value” you provide is limited to pitching your company’s products then where is the value in that?

Your audience will see you as a walking billboard or advertisement rather than a trusted resource that can help them solve a problem.

In this article about personal branding I discuss how you need to be a “pain pill” for your target audience’s pain.

Well this is your chance to be the “pain pill”.

Instead of being perceived as a late night infomercial hocking the latest, greatest, home remedy THAT CURES ALL!!!

You’ll now be perceived as someone who can provide value and solutions to your target market.

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Now there’s a chance you’re thinking….

“What if they want to join company XYZ? If Im not constantly promoting it on my Fan Page they wont be able to join.


If they’re already interested in joining company “XYZ” here’s what they will do…build your personal brand

  • They’ll Google it
  • Learn more about it on their own to see if it is right for them
  • Research to see which trusted leaders are already in the company
  • Join whichever one of those leaders they resonate with the most

That’s what will happen… and if you haven’t worked on your personal branding or built up “You, Inc.”…

… then you won’t be one of the trusted leaders that they seek out to join.

There are people who will say…

But Ive had a few people join me in my company and Im not branding myself!

Yup… you probably have had a few people join you. But that is NOT the way to build a highly profitable, sustainable, long term business.

Knowing how to build your personal brand and You, the best way to build a long term, sustainable, and profitable business.


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How You Can Build Your Personal Brand & “You, Inc.”

Now that you’ve read this article you know that building “You, Inc.” is the best way to ensure that you’ll still be in business even if your current company goes away.

Building the Know, Like, and Trust factor will allow you to build a highly profitable, sustainable, and long term business.

If you’re ready to take the next steps to build your personal brand and “You, Inc.”…

Then GRAB YOUR COPY OF “EXPERT SECRETS” where you’ll see just how easy it is to build your very own “You, Inc.” so you can build a massive following and become known as a trusted resource.


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build your personal brand


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