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Build Your MLM Using Facebook

Can you build your MLM using Facebook? Absolutely, but if you do need to equip yourself with the skills needed to build it the right way.

Many brand new marketers are attracted to Facebook thinking it’s an easy way to spread their MLM opportunity or products throughout the social network.  Many use it as their voice to talk about their MLM but sadly many find out quickly that this is not an effective way.

What is an effective way to build your MLM using Facebook?  In the video below I discuss some tips / strategies on how to successfully build your MLM using Facebook.

Either way you slice it building your MLM using Facebook starts with you (the brand) not your MLM.  People don’t join companies they join you and in order for people to join you, you need to be an attractive character.

Put yourself in the shoe’s of a prospect looking for a home based business or one who is already in one but struggling.  What would you be looking for?  Probably a mentor, a trainer, someone you can talk to each day, someone who is respectable, someone who can solve your pain of struggling, etc.  Notice I didn’t say you were probably looking for a product to sell or a company to promote.

There’s enough hype on the internet and hype doesn’t sell.  Even if it does it doesn’t last…..  So be a person of value and understand that you are the person people will want to join so step it up and give value.

Enjoy the video and be sure to leave me your comments below on how you are building your MLM using Facebook.

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