Branding 101: How To Brand Yourself Online

How To Brand Yourself Online:

So how can you market yourself online?

Well there are different things you can do to brand yourself online.

Ideally you want to become known for providing value and other resources to help others grow their business.

For example, the other day I was doing a consulting call with a person who wanted to build their network marketing business.

They wanted to accomplish this without having to do the traditional business building methods like home parties, and talking to strangers, hotel meetings etc.

Instead, they wanted to build their network marketing business by mainly focusing on their online brand and presence.

However, their impression of building a brand online was a bit incorrect so I want to share with you what Michelle and I did in order to build our brand.


Brand Yourself Online: Learn, Do, Teach

Now you want to apply the LEARN, DO, TEACH, method. In other words you want to go learn about a marketing strategy that you want to master, then you go do that marketing strategy and perfect it until you’ve gotten results. Then you go and teach others how to do this by making a quick video or two and sharing it with your prospects.

Over time by doing the LEARN, DO, TEACH, method you will start to build a brand that is closest to the skill set that you’ve mastered.

Once you’ve shared that value with others are and helping them achieve results like yours then you will start to see your brand and audience develop.

As this occurs your brand will naturally develop into something truly tangible.

Obviously you will want to start taking action and start thinking about what you want to master and share with others when it comes to your branding.


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